Volunteer Update: The Rush Associates Board

The Rush Associates Board act as ambassadors for Rush, providing critical support for Rush's people and programs.

Brian Cole, MD; Annabelle Volgman, MD; and Larry J. Goodman,
2012 Casino Night Honorary Chair Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA (left); 2013 Honorary Chair Annabelle S. Volgman, MD; and Rush CEO Larry Goodman, MD (right), at this year’s event at Café Brauer on March 8.

The Rush Associates Board, comprising about 100 emerging corporate and civic leaders, act as ambassadors for Rush, providing critical support for Rush’s people and programs, including emerging research, student-driven community outreach and leading-edge patient care.

Without philanthropic support through the board’s annual fundraising efforts — including its annual casino night fundraiser — the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Center for Advanced Emergency Response would not have been able to staff a child life services specialist position to help meet the needs of Rush’s pediatric patients and their families.

“We’d needed a child life specialist in the Emergency Department forever,” said Robyn Hart, director of the Child Life Program at Rush. “By definition, it’s a very traumatic area, one that’s very much in need of someone who can provide psychosocial support to the children and families who visit there. Thanks to the support of the Rush Associates Board, our new specialist, Jessica Kubasak, has made such a difference, providing support, age-appropriate activities and anxiety reduction for families in times of crisis.”

Proceeds from the Sixth Annual Casino Night fundraiser at Chicago’s Café Brauer on March 8 are supporting this position, volunteerism at Rush’s school-based health centers, innovative heart and orthopedics research and a pediatric respite camp for patients and families.


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