Swimming the Distance for Cancer Research

Hundreds of swimmers -- including Rush employee Megan Kono -- chose to swim Lake Michigan in July to support cancer research, prevention and treatment at Rush.

Swim Across America

On July 20, about 250 swimmers gathered at Ohio Street Beach along the Chicago lakefront to support cancer research at Rush. This year's Swim Across America event in Chicago generated $320,000 in vital support of Rush's cancer programs.

Megan Kono, who works in Rush’s Office of Philanthropy, was among the dedicated men and women who took part in the 20th annual Swim Across America. Before the event, Kono wrote a blog post for Rush InPerson about why she chose to get involved with Swim Across America.

The following is an excerpt from her blog post: 

For as long as I can remember, swimming has been a big part of my life. From tiny tots swim lessons to year-round club teams, from high school swimming all the way through college, the sport has served as a constant anchor for me growing up.

But after graduating in 2011 and taking a position on the Philanthropy staff at Rush, I wasn't sure that swimming would have a place in my life as an adult, and I certainly didn't think it would weave into our mission at Rush. After learning about the partnership between Rush and Swim Across America, I'm happy to say I was wrong. 

Swim Across America is a nationally recognized foundation dedicated to increasing both awareness and funds in the fight against cancer. Ordinary people all over the country take part in the many open water events that Swim Across America organizes, swimming to raise money for cancer research. 

This summer marks the second year that Swim Across America has partnered with Rush to raise funds for research projects in our cancer center. Once again, proceeds from the Swim Across America Chicago Open Water Swim will be used to forward cancer research at Rush and bring us one step closer to eradicating this awful illness. 

Read the rest of Megan's post.

[Story updated Dec. 4, 2013]

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